Pilates Mat Classes in Central London

Specially trained Pilates teachers

Small classes to ensure personalised and individual attention

The way to improve your posture; strengthen, lengthen and tone your body without machines using safe non-impact exercises. Injuries or specific physical problems can be taken into account as long as this is declared at registration. Any pain, injury or illness should be advised before each class.

Classes progress according to the fitness level of the class and slowly increase in intensity. All the core principles of Pilates will be taught. Specifically working muscles to strengthen the stomach, stabilise the spine and support the back. Correcting postural alignment and working to allow the body to realign itself.

What to Wear

Loose, comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movements. Socks may be worn. No shoes.

What to Bring

A mat and small towel. Mats are available for purchase. Eat lightly before coming and no food 1 hour before class.

What is Pilates?
Pilates in the workplace

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